B10 Wrapped bushes KU

B10 Wrapped bushes KU


Structure: B10(KU) bearing is a 3-layer wrapped of steel-sheets with a layer of PTFE
Static load: 250 N/mm2
Dynamic load: 140 N/mm2
Rotating oscillating: 60 N/mm2
Operating temperature: -195°C – +280°C
Thermal conductivity:
46 W/mK
Friction coefficient:
0.03 – 0.20
Max. PV dry running – Short-term operation:
3.6 N/mm2*m/s
Max. PV dry running – Continuous operation:
1.8 N/mm2*m/s
Max. speed – Dry running:
Max. speed – Hydrodynamic coperation:

B10(KU) bearing is a 3-layer bearing wrapped of steelsheets with a layer of PTFE. The B10(KU) bearings are mainly intended for oscillating movements, bearings are placed for often occurring starts and stops, or when minimal dry-friction is tried to be obtained and when greasing is out of the question. Owing to the fact that the friction is very low, B10(KU) bearings can be used without additional lubrication. B10(KU) bearing is resistant to most common mediums. The thin layer which makes up the running surface should be well protected to avoid mounting damages and also protected from heat e.g. welding.

– Designed to work even without lubrication
– Wide range of temperature
– High level thermal conductivity
– Good resistance to most common mediums.
– Wide range of stock hold standard dimensions
– Many possible applications

– Stainless steel backing
– Bronze backing
– Layer without lead
– Flat or spherical thrust washers
– Other positions of tolerance
– Drawing details

– Tail lifts
– Person lifts
– Hydraulic pumps
– Pneumatic cylinders
– Textile machines

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