Filters & Silencers

B79 Filters & Silencers

Filtre a tlmiče vzduchu

Bronze filtration elements and silencers are uniformy porous, highly resistant to deformations, easily mounted and cleaned.

DSF – Disc Shaped Filters

TSF – Tube Shaped Filters

RGDF – Roller with Graded Diameters Filters

TBF – Tube Bottom Filters

CFF – Conical Flanged Filters

CSF – Conical Shaped Filters

FSF – Flat Shaped Filters

DSF – Dished Shaped Filters

SCS – Silencer Conical with Self-locking thread

SCB – Silencer Conical with solid Brass thread

SSB – Silencer Short with solid Brass thread

SAB – Silencer Adjustable with solid Brass thread


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