B70 Self-lubricating sintered bushes

B70 Self-lubricating sintered bushes


Structure: The Self-lubricating Bronze (Iron) Bearings made from sintered powders
Static load: 20 MPa
Dynamic load: 10 MPa
Speeds: 30 000 ot/min
Operating temperature: -20°C – +120°C
Friction coefficient:
0.08 – 0.012
Allowable load:
PV = 2,5 MPa*m/s
Hardness HB:
> 200

– Elimination of the risk of seizure
– Permanent lubrication film
– 20 to 30 % of the volume is oil impregnated
– Quiet function
– Low friction coefficient

– Elimination of lubricators
– Maintenance-free
– Permanent stock

– Very high precision
– Loads up to 200 Kg/cm2
– Speeds up to 30 000 r.p.m.
– Temperatures from -20°C to +120°C

– ISO-VG-68 viscosity paraffinic mineral oil

– PV = 2,5 MPa*m/s

It is also possible to manufacture bearings with different sizes, materials and lubricants than those indicated in this page.

Sewing machines, locks, fans, electric watches, washing machines – agitators – water pumps, garage doors, portable machine tools, machinery for wood, bottling machinery, gardening machines, toys, shaving machines, high and low power electrical motors, automotive equipment such as alternators, service break pedals, door hines, speed counters, windscrean wiper motors, heating motors, etc.


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