B30 Wrapped bimetalic bushes

B30 Wrapped bimetalic bushes


Designation of sliding material: A10 B10 B22 B30
Chemical composition: AlSn20Cu1 CuPb10Sn10 CuPb22Sn4 CuPb30
Yield Point: 115-127 Mpa 230-280 Mpa 190-220 Mpa 90-107 Mpa
Elongation: 8 – 14 % 2 – 4 % 2,2 – 3 % 2 – 3 %
Max. static load: 100 Mpa 200 Mpa 130 Mpa 120 Mpa
Max. dynamic load: 32 MPa 120 MPa 42 MPa 40 MPa
Max. operating temperature: 160°C 250°C 220°C 160°C

These bushes are assigned for working conditions with hydrodynamic and limited lubrication for transfer of rotary and translation movemments. They allove withstand the static and dynamic radial forces. They are made from bimetalic strips with various sliding layers in the Shape of the wrapped bushes with the gapping on the join. The bushes in the which fast joins the contact surfaces. The sliding material B10, B22, B30 is sintered on the found steel in the form of the powder and is compacted by the rolling. It has the homogeneous structure and good slide properties in the conditions of boundary friction. The sliding material A20 is plated on the found steel.

B30 Metric Cylindrical Bushes



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