B80 Steel bearing bushes

B80 Steel bearing bushes


Static load: 250 MPa
Dynamic load: 150 MPa
Permissible sliding speed V with lubrication: 0,6 m/s
Max. PV with lubrication: 1,2 MPa*m/s
Hardness HB: 58 – 62
Operating temperature:
-100°C – +250°C
Roughness of the shaft:
0,2 – 0,8
Roughness of the inner diameter:
0,2 – 0,8
Friction coefficient: 0.05 – 0.25

Hardened steel sliding bearings can be produced acc. customer’s drawing with oil grooves, oil holes etc.

Carbon steel face-hardened till 1,5 mm depth to hardness min. 52 HRC with more ductile core.

High load capacity over 150 N/mm2, suitable for rotary and oscillating movement, long re-lubrication interval, excellent wear resistance under high load with lower speed, good resistance to shock loads, good characteristic by using in the presence of abrasive media or dirty environment.

The initial pre-lubrication at assembly required.

– In hoisting machines
– Construction machines
– Cars
– Tractors
– Trucks
– Agriculture machines
– Steel industries

B80 Metric cylindrical bushes


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