B100 Thick-walled motor bearings

B100 Thick-walled motor bearings

Bimetallic thick-walled Bearing Brass with sliding layer on basis of copper alloys
Sliding bearings for the working conditions with the hydrodynamic lubrication, suitable for static and dynamic load. The sliding material is deposited by the casting on the base steel. It has got a universal structure, it is characterised by good sliding characteristics also under the conditions of boundary friction. Normally it is being used with galvanically spread superficial layer of PbSn4. A journal in sliding bedding does not require superficial friction. For the high loaded sliding bedding, the sliding material CuPb22Sn with higher dynamic load is used. Because of its good sliding characteristics, they are applied as the main crank bearings in combustion engines, as the bearings of tool machines etc.
The dimensions of bearings, which are produced by this method:
– minimal diameter: 20mm
– maximal diameter: 500mm
– maximal width: 400mm


Designation of sliding material SX SL GM 130
Chemical composition CuPb22Sn4 CuPb30 SnSb7,5Cu3,25
Hardness of sliding layer 65-85HV50 45-65HV50 28-30HV50
Hardness of the base steel 150 HB 150 HB 150 HB


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    Thin-walled motor bearings

    Thin-walled motor bearings